As part of New Hampshire’s Medicaid expansion program, the state implemented an individual compliance obligation for each beneficiary to remain eligible for health insurance. Called work and community engagement requirements (WACER), It was foreseeable that the WACER program’s impacts would extend to community organizations supporting these beneficiaries. Read more →

Roundtable discussed new report on how Medicaid is protecting health of Granite Staters living in rural communities and supporting rural hospitals Read more →

“This failure to provide adequate testing is what we’ve come to expect from the Trump administration and it’s a direct contrast to what we’re seeing from other countries. Less than two months after their first confirmed coronavirus cases, South Korea had tested ten times as many people as the United States. Now, South Korea is re-opening their economy after only a few hundred deaths while thousands of Americans have lost their lives and millions of US workers are out of a job.” Read more →

Polling shows that the vast majority of Americans disapprove of President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic. No matter how many times Trump lies about his response, the American people see the truth about his failed response. Now, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents are concerned that Trump is going to keep ignoring the advice of experts and lift restrictions too quickly.  Read more →

Leading Health Care Group Says Medicaid Expansion, Special Enrollment Period, Addressing Racial Disparities, Coverage Affordability, Banning Junk Plans and Funding Testing and PPE Among Priorities Which Must Be Addressed in Next Coronavirus Response Package  Read more →