Educational Policy

The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center will host activities and presentations from the University of New Hampshire at Manchester’s NoMADS project in a monthly series running through June 2022. Team Cooke’s Novel Methods of Antibiotic Discovery in Space (NoMADS) is sending an experiment to the International Space Station through NASA STEM on Station’s Student Payload Opportunity with Citizen Science (SPOCS). Members of the team will run family activities and formal presentations connected with their research and project development for visitors to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, including a look at bacteria in petri dishes and hands-on engineering challenges. Read more →

The ACA helped reduce longstanding racial disparities in coverage rates, improving health care access for communities of color across the board. Destroying the ACA would be especially harmful as the country is still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic, which has disproportionately impacted Latino communities nationwide.  Read more →

Harbor Homes, a non-profit organization in Nashua, NH, received a $25,000 grant from the Bank of America Foundation to help end homelessness in Greater Nashua and NH. Funds will be used to ensure that housing, health care, and other services needed by more than 5,000 vulnerable NH community members continue, especially in the wake of Covid-19, supporting the entire continuum of Harbor Homes’ housing services—from street outreach and temporary housing to case management and permanent homes. Harbor Homes works with all individuals and families experiencing homelessness, but especially veterans and others community members at the greatest risk of chronic homelessness, such as those living with behavioral health disorders and HIV/ AIDS. Read more →

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides for the “right of the people to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” But what does that mean and how does it work? On March 19, from 6pm - 8 pm, the Nackey S. Loeb School of Communications and the New England First Amendment Coalition are celebrating Sunshine Week with an expert panel discussion called Keeping the Light On: Holding Government Accountable. Read more →