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President Biden And Leading Democratic Members Of Congress Are Proposing Using The Savings From Medicare Drug Price Negotiation To Add Dental, Vision, And Hearing Benefits To Medicare Read more →

Today, as part of Week 2 of Lower Rx Summer, Protect Our Care is releasing a new fact sheet pushing back on Big Pharma’s lies about drug pricing reform. The fact sheet breaks down three major claims pushed by drugmakers and Republican lawmakers to block legislation to reduce prices, including Democrats’ Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R. 3) which gives Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices for all Americans.  Read more →

Today, New Hampshire residents now have easier access to information about housing discrimination and fair housing laws with the launch of a new website from New Hampshire Legal Assistance’s Fair Housing Project. The site, combined with a social media campaign, aims to raise awareness of the ongoing fair housing challenges and how NHLA can help victims of housing discrimination. Read more →

Harbor Care, one of the state’s largest providers of supports for veterans experiencing homelessness and a leader in integrated care, has hired for a new vital position, continuing its investment in housing, services, and outreach as it seeks to end veteran homelessness statewide. Read more →