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This week, Thomas M. Armstrong and his family donated the 24-acre Armstrong Forest Preserve to Five Rivers Conservation Trust. Mr. Armstrong entrusted the forestland to Five Rivers with these words, “encourge active public observation, learning and enjoyment…for the study and wonder of nature, forests in particular, outdoor recreation, and the recharging of our minds, bodies and spirits.” Read more →

Erik Potts, an Exeter financial planner, has taken firsts in rally races on the East and West coasts and recently placed first in his class in the Canadian Rally Championship, Canada's biggest race. Now he’s eyeing Hollywood with hopes of stunt driving on the big screen. It’s the next chapter in an unplanned journey. Read more →

Ad Campaign Now Covers Twenty House Districts and Totals $4 Million Read more →

Ad Campaign Now Covers Twenty House Districts and Totals $4 Million Read more →

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a do-it-yourselfer, an owner of an old house or barn, or simply someone who loves New Hampshire’s historic buildings, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance offers a hassle-free shopping option. Read more →

Studies from the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express show that young people crave authenticity and character in the places they live, work, and visit. Older neighborhoods offer more diverse and affordable housing options and historic downtowns provide incubator spaces for small new businesses. Historic buildings and streetscapes define communities, build community pride and engagement, attract families and tourists, foster artistic expression and provide greater property tax dollars per square foot than new construction. They are denser, walkable and served by existing infrastructure. Read more →