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No passenger rail in New Hampshire? Actually, there are 4 Amtrak stations in the Granite State

If you're planning a journey through New Hampshire via Amtrak, you're not totally out of luck. While New Hampshire doesn't have as extensive a rail network any more, it still offers four stops on two lines that provide access to its cool towns, landscapes, and sites. Here's a quick guide to the Amtrak stops in New Hampshire:


  1. Claremont, NH (CLA) - Vermonter: Located in western New Hampshire, Claremont is served by the Vermonter route. This station provides convenient access to destinations in the Upper Valley, as well as connections to major cities like Boston, New York City, and Washington D.C.

  2. Dover, NH (DOV) - Downeaster: Set along the Cocheco River in southeastern New Hampshire, Dover is a historic city with a rich history. The Downeaster route serves this station, offering travelers access to destinations in Maine, Massachusetts, and beyond. Dover's downtown area is just a short walk from the station, where visitors can explore local shops, restaurants, and sites.

  3. Durham, NH (DHM) - Downeaster: Home to the University of New Hampshire, Durham is a fun college town with a lively atmosphere. The Downeaster route stops here, providing convenient access to campus as well as nearby outdoor recreational opportunities along the Lamprey River. Durham's downtown area offers a variety of dining, shopping, and other options within walking distance of the station.

  4. Exeter, NH (EXR) - Downeaster: Exeter is known for its historic charm and culture. The Downeaster route serves this station, allowing travelers to explore Exeter's downtown area, which is home to art galleries, local shops, and historic sites such as the American Independence Museum.

These Amtrak stations in New Hampshire offer convenient access to a variety of destinations within the state and beyond. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, the Downeaster and Vermonter routes provide comfortable and efficient transportation options for exploring the region.