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Grace Preston is the  2023 Global Businesswoman of the Year 


MANCHESTER/PORTSMOUTH – The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire has given the 2nd Annual NH Global Businesswoman of the Year Award to Grace Preston. This accolade recognizes Ms. Preston for her exceptional contributions in fostering international trade connections and advancing global partnerships, which have significantly benefited the state of New Hampshire.


Grace Preston of GeoPhysical Survey Systems (GSSI), according to the World Affairs Council, has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the realm of international business. Under her guidance and expertise, she orchestrated a turnaround of the previously stagnant Chinese market, leading to substantial sales growth. Simultaneously, Grace successfully forged new European partnerships while deepening existing ones, thereby expanding the company's global presence and influence.


“Grace Preston's dedication to fostering international trade connections aligns with the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire's mission to promote global awareness and engagement within the state,” said  “Tim Horgan World Affairs Council Executive Director. “Her accomplishments serve as a shining testament to the positive impact that individuals can have on their local and global communities.”


The 2nd Annual NH Global Businesswoman of the Year Award will be presented to Grace Preston during a special ceremony at SNHU on November 28 at 5:30 pm. The event will also feature a networking opportunity with foreign consulates that will provide \valuable insights into the significance of international business partnerships in today's global economy.


Ms. Preston's ability to identify and develop untapped and underserved markets, particularly in South America, has been instrumental in diversifying the company's global portfolio and creating new avenues for export and revenue. Within her organization, she emerged as a vocal advocate for international partners, emphasizing their unique needs and concerns, and ensuring they remain a central focus of the company's global strategy.


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