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BRISTOL, N.H. – The Town of Bristol, N.H., is inviting you to experience the big things this little town has to offer. Its new, all-in-one tourism web page, www.visitbristolnh.com, is a guide to the many places people can dine, stay the night, shop, and enjoy the outdoors in Bristol. 


The guide offers an overview of the Town of Bristol and a menu of activities, from where to go swimming to where to grab a drink after a day of hiking. The site includes information about local restaurants, breweries, retailers, inns, local parks and outdoor activities, as well as directions to the town and links to the Town of Bristol residents’ page and Bristol Business page.


To make finding the locations on the site easier on the ground, Bristol has launched a wayfinding badge program. The badges on the website each represent a different aspect of Bristol’s hospitality industry, such as Dine, Shop and Boat. The businesses listed on the site also display their corresponding badge on the door or within their establishment. Visitors can head to the website to learn more about the business.


“We’re excited to have an easy way for visitors to find the many spots us Bristol locals have grown to love,” said Christina Goodwin, Bristol Town Administrator. “We hope our badge program brings the Bristol business community closer together and provides a new avenue they can use to promote what they do.”


Businesses that would like to be listed on the www.visitbristolnh.com website should contact Cade Overton at [email protected] and include their business name, location, phone number, website address. 


For more information about the new website, badge wayfinding program, or Bristol, N.H., please contact Christina Goodwin at [email protected].

About Bristol

Bristol, New Hampshire was incorporated in 1819 and is located on the southern portion of Newfound Lake, the fifth largest lake in the State. Bristol is located just 25 five miles northwest of Concord, New Hampshire's capital. It has a year round population of approximately 3,300 and a seasonal summer population of approximately 6,500 inhabitants. Bristol offers all the benefits of small town living, remaining close to major recreational attractions and business centers. Town employees, those involved in local government, and all of the many volunteers who give so generously of their time, are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our residents, businesses, and visitors.