Protect Our Care Celebrates Speaker Pelosi’s Health Care Legacy
Shaheen Hosts Panel Discussion with ACA Navigators Encouraging Granite Staters to Enroll in Health Insurance

New Hampshire Seniors Could Save Thousands Thanks to Health Care Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act Effective January 2023


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Concord, NHScreen Shot 2022-11-30 at 2.05.58 PMAll Medicare Part D beneficiaries will have access to covered vaccines, such as Shingles and pneumonia, at no cost starting in 2023, and no Medicare beneficiary will pay more than $35 a month for insulin beginning in 2023. Medicare beneficiaries will no longer face Big Pharma’s outrageous price hikes that exceed inflation beginning in 2023 and will pay less for prescription drugs thanks to Medicare’s ability to negotiate prices. Out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries will be capped at $2,000 per year beginning in 2025.


Navigator Keith also discussed the ACA Open Enrollment 2023 period and will provide Granite Staters with the resources they need to enroll in quality, affordable coverage. The Inflation Reduction Act is historic legislation that reduces health care premiums for 13 million families purchasing ACA marketplace coverage . On average, families will save thousands of dollars a year on health care, giving them much-needed breathing room to pay for other essentials like rent, groceries, and gas. These savings are a game-changer for NH working families— saving an average middle class family of four in NH as much as $4,000 on their yearly premiums. 


Lucy Hodder, Professor of Law at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law and the Director of Health Law and Policy Programs said “One of the most important things for seniors is the limit on out of pocket costs for insulin to a maximum of $35 per month. With the Inflation Reduction Act, the cost of prescription drugs will be more manageable for families, as the law limits price increases and surprise increases, and it will make the drug companies pay if they do that. The immediate changes, taking place in 2023, are the cap on out of pocket costs for insulin and important vaccines, like the shingles vaccine. Medicare will also start negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical companies through  2024/2025.”


Keith Ballingall, Health Market Connect (HMC), a federally funded health insurance navigator in Concord, said “There has been significant effort to ensure that there is local assistance for insurance enrollment. While the open enrollment period does go until January 15th, the upcoming date of December 15th is crucial for people who currently have plans because coverage resets January 1st. Reviewing your plan and coverage before December 15th is important as plans can end or be changed, or even renamed. So, take the time to get informed and select a plan that best meets your family’s healthcare needs. And if you have any questions about your plans or enrollment, reach out to the local navigators or visit”


Zandra Rice-Hawkins, Granite State Progress, said “The Biden Administration has made a historic investment in these resources, and working families are able to access the healthcare they need through the navigators, especially the individuals that haven’t had insurance in the past, or have only had insurance through their employers. The Inflation Reduction Act ensures that many families that couldn’t afford coverage before, have new options to enroll in coverage. There are 13 million Americans covered by the Affordable Care Act, and 3.2 million pay less than $10 per month for coverage. Also, a new rule implemented by the current Administration realistically determines how subsidies are applied to families where at least 1 person is eligible for ACA, and now an additional 1 million people are eligible for affordable care in the marketplace. This year has been win after win after win in the healthcare front and I’m excited that we’re bridging gaps, increasing coverage for families and making health care more accessible for Americans.”


Learn more about how the Inflation Reduction Act will lower health care costs for New Hampshire residents here. A recording of the event can be viewed here.