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Protect Our Care Continues Inflation Reduction Act Themed Weeks By Celebrating Lower Costs for Seniors

Today, Protect Our Care is kicking off week two of the Inflation Reduction Act themed weeks, which focuses on how seniors will save thousands of dollars a year thanks to the bill’s provisions to drive down prescription drug costs. Read more →

Protect Our Care is releasing a new TV ad highlighting President Biden and Democrats in Congress passing the Inflation Reduction Act, which lowers health insurance premiums and prescription drug prices for millions of Americans. For years, lawmakers have promised to take action to rein in Big Pharma’s greed and lower health care costs, but President Biden and Democrats are getting it done.  Read more →

HISTORY MADE: President Biden Signs Inflation Reduction Act Into Law, Delivering Lower Health Care Costs to the American People

Today, President Biden signed The Inflation Reduction Act into law, which will lower costs and improve health care for millions of Americans. Along with combating inflation and making key investments in climate and energy, this historic legislation will drive down health care premiums for 13 million Americans and lower the cost of prescription drugs. Read more →

The Inflation Reduction Act Delivers Lower Health Care Costs for Millions of Americans

For too long, Americans have had to pay too much for health insurance or to get the prescription drugs that they depend on. These proposals enjoy overwhelming support across party lines and will be the greatest health care improvement since the passage of the Affordable Care Act.. Lawmakers have long promised to lower health costs and rein in high drug prices — but President Biden and Democrats are actually getting the job done.  Read more →

Protect Our Care is releasing a new cable TV ad condemning drug companies for doing everything in their power to protect their profits and block a plan that would deliver lower prescription drug costs to the American people. The ad also applauds President Biden and the Democrats in Congress for standing up to the drug companies with this legislation that will finally rein in Big Pharma's greed. Pharmaceutical companies have spent over $100 million on lobbying this year alone to try to defeat this plan all while raking in record-breaking profits after jacking up prices for consumers. Read more →