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Concord, NH — Today, a group of public health elades  joined Protect Our Care NH  to  discuss a  new report that shows the premium tax credits included in the American Rescue Plan have made health coverage more affordable for NH residents . These premium tax credits dramatically lowered the cost of healthcare coverage for 36,848 Granite Staters. Advocates in NH  also sent a letter to Senators Hassan and Shaheen  highlighting what’s at stake for coverage affordability for New Hampshire if Congress fails to extend the tax credits this year. Granite State Progress supported the event.


The new report highlights recent studies showing that more than three million people – including more than 9,000 people in New Hampshire– could lose their coverage if Congress fails to make these enhanced premium tax credits permanent. The American Rescue Plan saved families thousands of dollars on their premiums, but the expanded tax credits that powered those savings will expire at the end of 2022, and as a result, premiums for next year’s plans will rise dramatically for millions who buy insurance on their own. Only Congress can prevent this from happening; it’s time to extend the ACA premium tax credits to ensure that hardworking families can continue to access the health care they need. 

President Biden and the Democrats have delivered significant relief to millions of American families through the American Rescue Plan. Thanks to Biden’s leadership over 30 million Americans now have health coverage, including a record 14.5 million covered under the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. Democrats continue to work to lower insurance premiums, give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices, close the coverage gap, extend Medicare benefits, and improve care for veterans, seniors, and people with disabilities. 


Lucy C. Hodder, Director, Health Law and Policy, UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, said We know people are feeling the consequences of rising health costs and lack of access. We know they’re making decisions based on what they can afford and they’re denying themselves care, prescription drugs, etc. People are not healthier when they can’t afford healthcare. The expanded marketplace pays premium subsidies, and the broad expanded financial support for people seeking affordable coverage, and for Granite Staters who need affordable coverage has been really important. We’ve extended eligibility for premium credits to reach more people with higher incomes so that they don’t have to feel the brunt of these escalating health costs. This Administration has been incredibly supportive in making sure that open enrollment is possible, subsidies are possible, and other cost sharing support is possible, and help is on the way. We really need those subsidies, especially as we begin to face the unwind from the protective Medicaid program during the public health emergency.”







Nancy Glynn, Mom’s Rising, said “There are lots of folks in the estimated 9,000 Granite Staters that could potentially lose their health insurance that are caregivers. When you see all the different steps there are in play because of this program that’s in place, we really can’t afford to lose it, and it’s one step towards making sure all Americans have access to healthcare. I’d also like to lift up the navigators. It’s been incredibly helpful for parents to be able to have a one stop shop to go straight to and figure out how they’re going to be able to sign up for a program like the ACA and obtain a health insurance program.”


Zandra Rice-Hawkins, Granite State Progress, said “A lot of people don’t realize that this new coverage that they have that is more affordable could go away if Congress does not come together to pass something that will extend this. We had 52,497 Granite Staters sign up for 2022 coverage in the ACA marketplace, with 70% of those receiving premium subsidies to help make that coverage more affordable. We want to make sure every family has access to quality affordable healthcare, it makes a difference if the family knows that they can go to the doctor when they’re sick, and that they can have preventative care.”



You can watch the event here.