NH Policy Experts Preview What to Expect in the State of the Union Address, Discuss the Need for Health Care Reforms
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Granite Staters Highlight Success of the American Rescue Plan One Year In 


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Concord, NH — Today health care policy leaders joined Protect Our Care NH to mark the one-year anniversary of the American Rescue Plan by calling for provisions that lower health care costs in the law to be made permanent. The American Rescue Plan – which passed without Republican support – put money into the pockets of NH families struggling to make ends meet, delivered robust funding for vaccine distribution, and helped safely reopen schools and the economy. The American Rescue Plan also lowered the cost of health care coverage for Granite Staters with enhanced premium tax credits allowing four out of five eligible enrollees to find a plan for $10 or less per month. 

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In his first State of the Union, President Biden highlighted successful efforts to deliver significant relief to millions of American families. Today, more than  30 million Americans now have health coverage, including a record 14.5 million covered under the Affordable Care Act marketplaces. In fact, New Hampshire saw a significant increase in enrollment in the last year. Additionally, the ARP has helped 76 percent of Americans receive at least one dose of the vaccine, with 93 million receiving a booster shot to bolster protection against the omicron variant. 

Lisa Beaudoin, Executive Director of ABLE NH, said “What is little known and underappreciated about the American Rescue Plan is that it provided the states with a bunch of Medicaid matching funds for home and community-based services, which provides community-based care and support for the disability community and senior citizens. This infusion of $44 million that is going to be spent over the next three years is going to help with some significant workforce issues.”

Nancy Glynn, Advocate with Moms Rising, said “The American Rescue Plan gave moms and families "“The American Rescue Plan gave Granite State moms and families a lifeline when we needed it the most, during an unprecedented pandemic that nearly shut down our economy. It addressed some of the greatest challenges moms and families face. It meant moms and families were able to go to the grocery store instead of the food bank, schools were able to reopen safely, and families were able to put gas in their cars, keep the heat on in winter, and avoid eviction if they fell behind on rent. ”

Heather Stockwell, Statewide Campaigns Organizer for Rights & Democracy, said “low income Americans are still suffering, A sizable number of Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck. About 125 US million adults are currently doing that, about 21% of our population just struggling to pay everyday bills.”

Nik Coates, Town Administrator from Bristol, said “We are using it (ARP) for our water and sewer system, to be able to upgrade a system that is aged and is starting to fall into disrepair, this is a perfect opportunity for us to be able to bring that back up to speed.” 

Watch the full event here, and learn more about how the American Rescue Plan has worked for New Hampshire here