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House Passes Build Back Better Act With Historic Provisions to Improve American Health Care


Washington, D.C. — Today, under the leadership of President Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats passed the Build Back Better Act. The legislation includes historic measures to strengthen American health care, lower insurance premiums, give Medicare the power to negotiate for lower drug prices, expand affordable coverage to millions by closing the Medicaid coverage gap, expand Medicare benefits, and invest $150 billion in home care for seniors and people with disabilities. Health care is a fundamental part of the Build Back Better agenda, and the plans to reduce costs and expand care are the top issues for voters. It is urgent that the Senate now move quickly to pass this historic legislation.

“Thanks to the tireless leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House Democrats have passed historic legislation that will lower health care costs for families, expand coverage to millions, and end the 20-year ban on Medicare negotiating lower drug prices,” said Protect Our Care Chair Leslie Dach. “Democrats delivered on their promises to lower health care costs and level the playing field for working families, while every House Republican voted against lower costs and better care. Today’s vote confirms that President Biden and Democrats in Congress are continuing the fight for a future where health care is a right, not a privilege. Senate Democrats should work quickly to pass this legislation so millions of families can finally afford the health care they need.”

“More than a decade ago, the House passed the Affordable Care Act, which strengthened health care for virtually every American family and, now, Speaker Pelosi has done it again. The Build Back Better Act is a BFD for American health care,” said Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse. “The legislation will provide coverage for millions of families and lower health insurance premiums for more than nine million Americans who buy health care on their own. Closing the Medicaid coverage gap is the single most important step Congress can take to reduce racial inequities in health care, and it will save lives. Expanding hearing benefits in Medicare and investing in home care will significantly improve the health and well-being of seniors and people with disabilities nationwide. Every single House Republican rejected these measures to lower costs and improve care, but Democrats have their finger on the pulse of America – delivering relief where families need it most. The Senate should act quickly to get this to President Biden’s desk.”