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You can watch the event HERE.

Concord, NH— Today, State Senator Tom Sherman (D-Rye) and advocates joined Protect Our Care NH for a virtual press event to highlight the health and economic provisions in the Build Back Better reconciliation legislation, currently before Congress, that will benefit and improve the lives of Granite Staters.  The bill will further extend the Child Tax Credit and lower costs and expand access to quality, affordable health care in New Hampshire, among other child care and home care provisions included in President Biden’s Build Back Better proposal. 


Millions of parents received a third installment of the enhanced child tax credit, last week, to help their families make ends meet, as many communities still struggle as the pandemic persists. The child tax credit (CTC) — extended through President Biden’s American Rescue Plan — is working. The first installment of the CTC extension has cut child poverty by 25 percent, lifting 3 million children out of poverty. The CTC is also popular with the public — nearly 60% of adults are supportive of the expanded tax credit, according to recent polling. 


Advocates say Congress should extend the CTC to 2025 to ensure the rug isn’t pulled out from under the millions of parents and guardians —  especially at a time when the program is helping put food on the table for families across the country. 


Sen. Thomas Sherman, a physician from Rye, said “Through the Child Tax Credit, Democrats are building an economy that works for everyone by cutting taxes for middle-class families. When we invest in our children, we invest in the future of The Granite State. President Biden's Child Tax Credit has created an opportunity to lift thousands of New Hampshire children out of poverty, allowed parents to pay for safe and quality child care, kept food on the table, and so much more. In fact, 87% of Granite State families are eligible to receive this tax cut. Our children are, and always will be, our top priority and I thank President Biden for his continued commitment to the future of our nation.”


Amanda Sears, Director of the Campaign for a Family Friendly Economy, said Once in a generation we have the opportunity with the Build Back Better Agenda Act to help working families with expenses. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston stated that 40% of families could not afford $400 in expenses prior to this act. These people live precariously, week to week and day to day.  At its core there are several pieces of policy that will shift the balance of the ability of working people to make ends meet. Last week a third of those payments went out to working families so they can pay for basic expenses, such as child care, rent and food. We hear all kinds of stories from these families and an interesting antidote is in mid to late July grocery stores had some of the busiest weeks when usually that’s a slower time. That’s because working families had a little extra money to spend and were stocking up. It’s so important that we can continue to make these investments to families. The Build Back Better Agenda also includes a 400-billion-dollar investment in home and community services which would include helping families that have a family member who suffers from a disability to help them to stay in their homes, avoiding a nursing home or having family members have to leave their jobs to care for them. It would also help to insure home care workers who often have the lowest wages and live in poverty, receive higher wages, training and benefits and allow them to have long-term careers. NH voters understand that this act is important for our economy and it’s exciting to get this plan through Congress this fall.

Carrie Duran from Wolfeboro a single mom to 3 girls. Her 10 year old daughter has the developmental disability of Downs Syndrome. Because of her needs it has been difficult to work a full-time position and she now works 10 hours a week in addition to attending school for her degree. The Child Care Tax Credit has been transformational for her family. Typically, she would struggle to get her girls clothed and fed but this year the money has been there and has alleviated the financial stress she has experienced in the past. It’s so great to go to a grocery store and be able to get what they need. She just had to register her vehicle and it needed $900 in repairs just to get it on the road and without the credit it would have been a crisis for her family. She was able to budget better because of the Child Care Tax Credit. “I’m now able to make ends meet and I’m very grateful.”

Jayme Simoes, Chair of Protect Our Care NH, said “Congress should extend the CTC to 2025 to ensure the rug isn’t pulled out from under the millions of parents and guardians —  especially at a time when the program is helping put food on the table for families across the country. “

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You can watch the event HERE, and learn more about how President Biden and Democrats in Congress are working to improve the health and well-being of parents, families, and children across the Granite State HERE