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Sens. Shaheen and Hassan: Granite Staters can now save on health care costs because of the American Rescue Plan

(Concord, NH) -- In a new op-ed published in the Sea Coast Online, U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, highlight how Granite Staters can and are already saving up on health care costs and premiums after the historic passage of the American Rescue Plan, making the biggest expansion of the Affordable Care Act in more than a decade. As a result of this law, and after continued long-standing advocacy by Senators Hassan and Shaheen, more Granite Staters than ever qualify for assistance to help pay for health insurance, and people already enrolled in a Marketplace plan may be eligible for new savings.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, in New Hampshire, a family of four making $85,000 per year could save $228 per month on premiums thanks to the American Rescue Plan’s tax credit enhancements. A retired couple in New Hampshire, both age 60, with $70,000 in annual income could save $918 per month on premiums. 

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While this is great progress, there is much more work to be done and progress to be made, as Senators Shaheen and Hassan explain:


One way to [make continued progress] is for more people who do not have insurance coverage to take advantage of these new savings provided by the American Rescue Plan. For those who are not covered, enrolling will provide the peace of mind that comes with high-quality health insurance. And for existing enrollees, it pays to shop around – by doing so, you may be able to find a plan that is lower cost than what you are currently paying.

President Biden has proposed to make these ACA marketplace subsidies permanent through his proposed American Families Plan. if passed and signed into law. It will provide dramatic improvements for Granite Staters in higher education, universal preschool, child care, nutrition, and more, all of which will complement the health and well being of folks, including communities of color, throughout New Hampshire. 

Sens. Hassan and Shaheen discuss in their piece how we must continue to fight for the kind of progress achieved through the American Rescue Plan by passing President Biden’s American Jobs and Families Plans. They write:

The American Rescue Plan is connecting more Americans with affordable, quality health care, and it is helping improve our health care system. We will continue working with our colleagues in Congress to strengthen these efforts and expand affordable health care coverage to more Granite Staters. Our health, and our economy, depend on it.

You can read the full op-ed here.