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Concord, NH-- The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center’s reopening has been rescheduled for Friday, March 5. The two-week delay in reopening will allow for additional time to better integrate the new exhibits from Mount Washington Observatory into the Discovery Center’s science galleries, while at the same time revamping and augmenting some of the Discovery Center’s original space, aviation and Earth science exhibits.

Behind the Scenes at the Discovery Center - Christy Roberts at work on the Shaky Shack (2)The additional time will also enable the Discovery Center to upgrade its planetarium audio systems, now that the video system upgrade has been completed, and to include more information about Alan Shepard’s trip to the Moon in its lunar science galleries during the 50thanniversary year of Shepard’s Apollo 14 mission to the Moon.

“We are sorry to miss being open for February vacation,” Discovery Center Executive Director Jeanne Gerulskis said. “But the extra two weeks of closure will enable us to ensure that the experiences we create through our science galleries and planetarium will inspire and engage our visitors young and old. Our planet and our universe are filled with wonders, and we want to bring those wonders and the keys to unlocking and understanding them, to all who walk through our doors.”

In the meantime, the public is encouraged to engage with the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center through its numerous online programs and virtual exhibits, all accessible on the Discovery Center’s website, www.starhop.com.

The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center features 21st century interactive exhibits on aviation, astronomy, Earth and space sciences, an all-digital, full-dome planetarium and a wide variety of science, technology, and engineering and mathematics programs. The engaging, robust educational programs are geared towards families, teens, seniors, students, community groups and lifelong learners. For more information, visit www.starhop.com.