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Anonymous Donor Makes Transformational Commitment to Concord Gasholder Project

Concord, NH --An anonymous donor has made a transformational commitment to the historic Concord Gasholder project.  This donor, a long-time supporter of the N.H. Preservation Alliance, environmental and community efforts, will be supporting the landmark’s rescue and revitalization at a level of $500,000 with the goal of catalyzing action and spurring additional investment for the project.

“This tremendous news serves as an incredible momentum builder for a complicated and important project,” said Jennifer Goodman, executive director of the N.H. Preservation Alliance.  “It’s a call to action to the building’s owner Liberty Utilities, the City of Concord and other stakeholders,” she said. 

4nsmemIn response to Liberty Utilities’ announced plans to secure a demolition permit for the last-of-its-kind 1888 landmark, a City committee, the Preservation Alliance and Liberty Utilities have been exploring the options for preservation and redevelopment. The property is structurally compromised due to a tree falling on the north side several years ago and lack of stewardship; it was relisted to the Preservation Alliance’s Seven to Save list this year because of its national significance, vulnerability and community development potential.

A newly-released report by ADG consultants provides a doable, phased approach to preservation and revitalization and underscores the catalytic opportunities associated with this iconic landmark.  Its recommended next steps include immediate stabilization as well as an “opportunity bridge phase” to work out ownership/management issues and secure additional private investment as well as grants, incentives and other public funds.  The report was prepared for the City’s Ad-hoc Gasholder Committee with support from the City of Concord and the Preservation Alliance. At a meeting on January 8, City Council committee members voted unanimously to encourage the full City Council to accept the report and advance report recommendations.

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance strengthens communities and stimulates local economies by encouraging the protection and revival of historic buildings and places. The non-profit organization assists approximately 100 landmark community projects each year, and has built a toolbox of resources including direct service, planning funds, incentives and stewardship strategies for property owners and investors to help accelerate preservation activities.