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NHTI Hosts Storytelling in the Digital Age The Dawn of a New Genre

NHTI - Concord's Community College will sponsor Professor Ann McClellan from Plymouth State University to present Storytelling in the Digital Age through a grant received from the New Hampshire Humanities' Humanities to Go series.


ImagesThe virtual program is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. and is free and open to the general public. Those who are interested should email the NHTI Library at [email protected] to register and to receive the Zoom meeting ID link as well as an evaluation link.


In an interactive discussion, participants will explore how technology is affecting how we read, write, and experience stories. Participants will learn about the history and development of electronic literature and hypertext media, the rise of social media and how it affects digital literature (fan fiction, online role-playing games, Twitterature, etc.), and the rise of the emerging field of transmedia storytelling where media conglomerates purposefully design text to work across multiple media platforms.

Ann McClellan is professor English and Associate Provost at Plymouth State University where she teaches 19th and 20th century British literature. She is the author of How British Women Writers Transformed the Campus Novel (2012), Sherlock's

World: Fanfiction and the Reimagining of BBC's Sherlock (2018), and several articles

on cultural topics ranging from servants on screen to social media, fan fiction, and Sherlock Holmes. She is currently writing a new monograph on race and Sherlock Holmes adaptations.