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Protect Our Care NH and NH Health Leaders Question Gov. Sununu for Putting State at Risk

Today, Protect Our Care New Hampshire joined in a call in reaction to news that Governor Chris Sununu overruled his own public health professionals to allow the Trump campaign to hold large scale event, contrary to public health rules.


Sununu has supported Trump in his quest to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which could strip protections from the nearly 600,000 Granite Staters’ with pre-existing conditions. Chris Sununu has refused to issue a general mask mandate like every other New England state, putting NH residents at risk. 



Jayme Simoes, Protect Our Care New Hampshire State Director, said  “The Trump Administration and the GOP  won’t tell you this: When Trump had the opportunity to act early and protect Americans against the worst pandemic in 100 years, he chose not to. When Trump had the option to have a special open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act so Granite Staters could get covered in the time of a health crisis, he said no. And, when he had the chance to act to shore up the Affordable Care Act, with vital coverage for more than 20 million Americans, including the millions who lost their jobs, he did nothing. Instead he asked the Supreme Court to strike the ACA down. And now with millions infected and tens of thousands dead, what kind of health plan does Present Trump or Governor Sununu have to offer to replace the Affordable Care Act? Nothing. Not a single thing."