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Botched Coronavirus Response Contributed to Thousands of Deaths at Veterans Facilities Nationwide

They have Given Up on Fighting the Virus

NEW VIDEO: Trump Has Given Up on Fighting the Virus as Cases Spike Across Country, Infections Top 2 Million and Americans Die Needlessly Every Day

Dr. Fauci: “My worst nightmare”

Harvard’s Dr. Ashish Jha: “Can I say I’m feeling worse?”

Jha: “It’s stunning to me that we have just decided it’s ok for tens of thousands of Americans to die and we aren’t going to do what we know we can do to prevent those deaths and that is, to me, unconscionable.” 

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As coronavirus cases surge across the country and the US tops 2 million confirmed coronavirus cases, Protect Our Care’s Coronavirus War Room is today releasing a new video highlighting Trump’s failures to stop the spread of the virus — and how he’s now making things worse by essentially giving up on fighting the virus and rushing states to reopen against the advice of medical experts. 

“While states across the country are recording record high new coronavirus infections, Trump has simply given up on fighting the virus,” said Coronavirus War Room Director Zac Petkanas. “Not only are nearly a thousand people still dying every day because of Trump’s failed leadership, but he’s making things worse. He’s continued to urge states to reopen before they’re ready, drastically scaled down the coronavirus task force, is not ramping up the necessary testing and is now even scheduling in-person campaign rallies — all but making sure that tens of thousands needlessly die and millions remain out of work.” 


More than a dozen states and Puerto Rico are recording their highest averages of new cases since the pandemic began

Hospitalizations in at least nine states have been on the rise since Memorial Day.

  • Texas has seen a 36 percent increase in new cases since Memorial Day, with a record high of hospitalizations as of early Tuesday afternoon.
  • Arizona has reported a 49 percent increase in hospitalizations since Memorial Day.
  • Arkansas has had an 88 percent increase in hospitalizations since Memorial Day.
  • 12 counties in South Carolina have reached 75 percent of hospital capacity or greater.