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Young NH Voters to Interview 2020 Presidential Candidates at Climate Town Hall

Presidential candidates and students from New Hampshire high schools, universities, and college graduate programs will share the stage at the NH Youth Climate & Clean Energy Town Hall on February 5, 2020, at the Bank of NH Stage, in Concord, NH.


This youth-centered event, co-hosted by the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and Stonyfield Organic, is free and open to the public. Top presidential candidates will share their climate and clean energy agendas and answer policy questions from student panelists engaged in sustainability, clean energy, business and environmental studies. 


“This event shines the spotlight on candidates' climate plans while turning up the volume on New Hampshire’s young voices of science," said Anthea Lavallee, Executive Director of the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation. “New Hampshire sets a global standard for ecosystem science and is the training ground for many of our brightest scientific scholars and future environmental leaders.  This event gives students a platform for asking informed questions about their environmental future and climate solutions.”

“Many of the challenges that our MBA students will face as business leaders relate to the risks posed by climate change,” said April Salas, Executive Director of the Revers Center for Energy at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business. “It’s not only imperative, but also energizing to see young voters seeking out opportunities to participate in this dialogue and be committed to finding solutions.”  


Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, Bill Weld, and Andrew Yang plan to participate. Additional candidate confirmations are expected. Student panelists represent a range of NH educational institutions, geography, and backgrounds. These young voters will share their personal connections to the land and how they see climate change impacting the region’s ecology, economy, and culture. 


“The future health and well-being of everyone on planet earth depends on our next president taking decisive action to put the United States on course to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050,” said Britt Lundgren, Stonyfield’s Director of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture. “It’s encouraging to see New Hampshire’s next generation of scientists and business leaders stepping up to hold our future leaders accountable for addressing the climate crisis.”


The event will also be livestreamed 




About the Hubbard Brook Research Foundation

The Hubbard Brook Research Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports New Hampshire’s Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study. Hubbard Brook ranks among the world's most influential long-term research programs for understanding our changing natural world. The Hubbard Brook Research Foundation links the science to people on the front lines of environmental decision-making.


About the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College 

Founded in 1900, Tuck is the first graduate school of management in the country and consistently ranks among the top business schools worldwide. Through its two-year MBA program, Tuck develops wise, decisive leaders who better the world through business. Tuck is home to the Revers Center for Energy and the Center for Business, Government and Society—two of six centers that help build pathways of learning and industry connection for MBA students. The Revers Center inspires and shapes tomorrow’s leaders in energy while engaging in today’s energy economy. The Center for Business, Government and Society prepares business leaders for the evolving complexities of today’s global economy. 


About Stonyfield Organic

As the country’s leading organic yogurt maker, Stonyfield takes care with everything it puts into its products and everything it keeps out. By saying no to toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs, Stonyfield has been saying yes to healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet for 36 years. Stonyfield, a Certified B-Corp, is also helping to protect and preserve the next generation of farmers and families through programs like its Direct Milk Supply and Wolfe’s Neck Organic Training Program as well as StonyFIELDS, a nationwide, multi-year initiative to help keep families free from toxic persistent pesticides in parks and playing fields across the country.