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Concord’s SquidFlip Featured on PBS Design Squad Global

Owen Simoes just turned 13, and he marked his birthday be being featured by the PBS program Design Squad Global. Owen is the kid behind SquidFlip, a Concord store that features furniture, paint and lamps designed by him. 


Last winter, Design Squad producers reached out to Owen to see if he would work with them on a segment for the popular kid’s show. They wanted to film a segment where Owen would use his talents to turn everyday objects into something new. He partnered with Families in Transition/New Horizons (FIT-NH) - who needed some sort of craft station for a kid’s room. The idea was that as parents met with FIT-NH staff, kids had a safe place to hang out and be creative. Design Squad followed Owen on a shopping trip to FIT-NH’s Manchester OutFITters Thrift Store, and to Cherry Blossom Renovation in Loudon to do the carpentry work. Then he assembled and painted his art station, incorporating all kinds of features - and finally delivered it to FIT in Manchester.


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Owen Simoes started his Concord business at the age of 10. He started painting and flipping furniture. That was three years ago. He has been featured on GMA Day, the Boston Globe, on NHPR and the Concord Monitor.



Design Squad Global empowers middle school kids to solve real-world problems and understand the impact of engineering in a global context.