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NEW POLL: Health Care Top Issue for NH Democratic Voters


Concord, NH – A new CBS News Battleground Tracker of Democrats in Early Primary/Caucus states was released Sunday, offering several insights into Democratic primary voters’ concerns about health care, specifically health care costs.


The key findings are:


  • Health Care Is Issue #1. 88% said health care is a ‘very important’ issue in the 2020 election – higher than any other issue. 

  • Costs Are Concern #1. 50% said the greatest personal health care concern is cost: ‘out of pocket costs of medical bills, co-pays, prescriptions’ (36%) and ‘premiums for your current health care insurance’ (14%). 

  • Focus on Costs To Win. 51% said the health care message that would give Democrats the best change in 2020 is one focused on ‘lowering health care costs.’ 26% say focus on ‘protecting pre-existing conditions’ and 23% say focusing on ‘starting a national health insurance program.’


Since taking control of the House of Representatives this past November, Democrats have been working to lower costs and improve care for Americans. Learn more about their plans here.