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12-Year making his own chalked paint in NH

Concord, NH --It started as a summer project for then 10-year old Owen Simoes. Trying to bring TV’s Flea Market Flip to life, he learned to paint and rethink furniture and decorative items. But the chalked paint he used was pricey, and made it expensive to redo furniture. As luck would have it, he met a wise Brimfield furniture seller who shared her secret recipe to make chalked paint, so Own tried it out. Owen found his own paint to be just as good as the commercial stuff. Undaunted, Owen set out to share his new paint with customers – and Squid Ink paint was born!

According to Owen, “I used to use a lot of spray paint, which wasn’t really good for me> Lots of fumes and it got on my hands.” Lucky chalked paint has no odor and washes right off your hands.

Now Owen has seven unique Squid Ink colors, all inspired by the Granite State and for sale on his new website: Paint starts at $15 a pint.

Handmade colors include:

Salmon Falls Red

Lake Winnipesaukee Blue

Mt. Washington White

Swampscott River Green

Wallace Sands Yellow

And his two newest colors:

Mt. Monadnock Grey

Great North Woods Green

Owen’s Chalked Paint is not chalkboard paint – but rather the name refers to the soft texture of the paint.  It has no smell, but rather a nice vintage look, that can be used on furniture and other items to create an aged look.

Now, in his second season at the helm of SquidFlip, Owen travels to shows and tends his shop at 31 Warren Street in Concord.

Owen has come a long way in the last year – he took on some very challenging projects, such as transforming classic suitcases into tables, and even turning an old chicken coop into a coffee table. His sources for raw materials are flea markets, and yard sales then he ads his own style, with special touches in painting, accessories and rethinking. 40061658_469003633582352_109486825273294848_n