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Denali Challenge

With a half dozen 4,000-foot peaks surrounding Waterville Valley the invitation is issued to climb five of them in a single weekend of intense hiking, fun, and entertainment. This is Waterville Valley’s 5th annual 5 Summit Challenge, a 20,000-foot total that is almost the height of the highest point in the U.S., Alaska’s Mount Denali.

The event, nicknamed as “The Denali Challenge” will be held August 10-12 at the resort in the middle of the White Mountain’s National Forest.

The peaks to climb are Tecumseh, Osceola East and West, Welch and Dickey. All of them have a combined elevation equaling that of Denali, the highest Mountain Peak in North America.  Plus there are guided hikes for families.

Waterville Valley’s proximity to some of New England’s highest peaks makes it a great hiking location any day of the week. Participants in the 5 Summit Challenge will hike (or try to hike) five peaks. There will be a choice of 13 mountains to climb and the five peaks chosen must equal 20,000 feet or higher. 

This year the peaks are:

  • Peaks (Elevation)
    Tecumseh (4,003)
    Welch (2,605)
    Dickey (2,734)
    Snow’s (2,800)
    North Peak Tripyramid (4,180)
    Middle Peak Tripyramid (4,140)
    South Peak Tripyramid (4,100)
    Osceola (4,340)
    Mt. Osceola East (4,156)
    The Scaur (2,200)
    Goodrich Rock (2,200)
    Noon Peak (2,976)
    Jennings Peak (3,460)

Participation in the weekend is free and those who conquer five will be proclaimed “Alive After Five.”

The weekend will include intense hiking for some, but will also offer easier hikes for families and entertainment, with performances on Friday, and Saturday.

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, is a four-season resort set in the White Mountain National Forest, just 2 hours north of Boston.  In addition to winter snowsports like skiing and snowboarding, Waterville Valley offers award-winning tennis courts, golf, biking, cultural activities and summer theater, an indoor ice rink, boating, and a skate and bike park. Lodging choices include traditional inns and all-suite hotels, and dining options range from traditional favorites to elegant eateries. There are miles of hiking and mountain bike trails, a pond for swimming, and activities and programs for children and the whole family at the Curious George Cottage and the Recreation Center. For more information, 800-468-2553 or visit