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“Music & the Military in America” and “Songs from the Home Front”

CONCORD, N.H.— The 2017-2018 Bach’s Lunch season begins this Thursday at Concord Community Music School (23 Wall Street, Concord, NH) with a pair of programs inspired by Veterans’ Day. On November 2, David Pook, a humanities teacher hailing from Warner, lectures on “Music & the Military in America.” And on November 9, the Mairzy Doats Duo presents a concert entitled “Songs from the Home Front.”


Bach’s Lunch programs are free and open to the public, and take place from 12:10 to 12:50 p.m. on the first and second Thursdays of each month, November through May, in the Music School’s Recital Hall, 23 Wall Street, downtown Concord.

As long as there has been war, there has been music. In his Bach’s Lunch lecture on Thursday, November 2, David Pook describes how percussion has been used to communicate during battle, bagpipes to terrify the enemy, and the bugle to call men to arms. In America, music has been used to serve those military ends and many more – and music has also been used as an escape from war or to bind its wounds. From the victorious opening strains of Beethoven’s Fifth to the WWI’s popular ditty “Keep the Home Fires Burning,” this Thursday’s Bach’s Lunch will explore the myriad roles music has played during wartime.

On November 9, mezzo-soprano Ellen Nordstrom and pianist Abigail Charbeneau perform as the Mairzy Doats Duo, singing and playing morale-boosting songs that were popular among troops and the American public during the two World Wars. Nordstrom and Charbeneau, both faculty members at Concord Community Music School, will cover everything from George M. Cohan’s patriotic pop-hit from 1917, “Over There,” to Rodgers & Hammerstein’s sunshiny “Cock-eyed Optimist,” immortalized in the 1958 film South Pacific.

“Music of the Americas” is the theme of this year’s Bach’s Lunch programs, which follows upon last year’s series entitled “Musical Migrations.” Throughout this year’s series, programs will feature music of North, Central, and South America, reflecting the many cultural traditions present in the Western Hemisphere. As a member of the Steering Committee of Welcoming Concord, the Music School has multiple programs that advance the goal of warmly welcoming New Americans into the cultural, economic, and civic life of the region.

The Bach's Lunch Series is sponsored by the Timothy and Abigail Walker Lecture Fund and the Gertrude Couch Trust; TD Wealth Management, NA; Trustee. For more information, please call 603-228-1196 or visit





Photo of the Mairzy Doats Duo courtesy of Jim Kenyon/Valley News