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Wildlife Program: Take Action for Wildlife

Concord, NH – Birds and mammals, reptiles and amphibians, insects and fish are all busy creating the next generation of their kind. Some are wildlife species are prolific and others are struggling to maintain their populations. The later group can benefit when people take action for wildlife. Everyone can help ensure that wildlife habitats remain available, and land conservation is one way to accomplish that goal. Join Five Rivers Conservation Trust for a presentation on how you can take action for wildlife. On Wednesday evening, June 14, 5 – 7:30, NH Fish and Game Wildlife Biologist Emily Preston will join Five Rivers Conservation Trust at their Annual Gathering in Concord to discuss Taking Action for Wildlife.


Efforts to keep declining wildlife from becoming threatened or endangered often take the form of maintaining high quality habitats, ensuring the ability for wildlife to move across the landscape and protecting natural sources of preferred food. Emily will introduce wildlife species that are struggling in the greater capital region and help participants discover what actions they can take in their town and on their land to help these wildlife species remain as part of our natural environment.

“Wildlife is a critical component of the greater capital region’s ecosystem and they provide a window into the natural world for everyone from the child who finds a newt along a trail to the adult who encounters a beaver while paddling on their local pond.” Says Beth McGuinn, Executive Director of Five Rivers Conservation Trust. “Five Rivers strives to conserve important habitat to help support the wildlife species that are threatened by changes to the land.”

Five Rivers’ Annual Gathering will begin at 5 pm with food, drink and conversation. The program begins at 6pm. Everyone is welcome, but seating is limited, so registration is required at www.5rct.org > Events. Location details will be confirmed for those who register. The program is free, but a donation of $5-$10 at the door is suggested to help cover expenses. For more information, contact Five Rivers at info@5rct.org or 225-7225


Five Rivers Conservation Trust is a nonprofit member-supported organization that works with communities and landowners to protect land with important conservation values. Five Rivers’ goal is to ensure that future generations can experience, utilize, and benefit from the wildlife, farms, forests, and wetlands, that characterize our landscape today. The organization works in seventeen communities in New Hampshire’s greater capital region and has conserved 69 properties, totaling over 4300 acres in 16 different towns.