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September 2016

The Right Rev. A. Robert Hirschfeld, Bishop of the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire, is pleased to announce that Benge Ambrogi of Manchester has joined his staff as the Missioner for Congregational Initiatives. In this role, Ambrogi is working with Episcopal churches throughout New Hampshire to develop new programs and mission to encourage flourishing congregations. Read more →

Rector Bill Petersen opened the dedication with these words, “The sun is the source of life and warmth, seasons and food. In recent decades, however, the reality of global warming has made us realize that our behaviors can alter the impact of the sun on our planet. We rejoice today that this new solar array will reduce our carbon footprint as a church, caring more effectively for God’s good creation, the work of our generous and gracious God.” Read more →

New York, NY--As part of an ongoing series that honors PR legends, the Museum of Public Relations at Baruch College will hold a reception on Thursday, Sept. 8th at 6 p.m. to kick off a month-long exhibit featuring the work of the late Patrick Jackson, founder of the national behavioral public relations & management consulting firm Jackson Jackson & Wagner. In Rye, NH. Read more →