More than 55,000 New Hampshire residents signed up for Health Coverage under the Affordable care Act for 2016
Terie Norelli: Secretary Clinton is on record with her support for foreign rape victims

Hello world media, welcome to NH! First in the Nation Primary!

So, we have been watching your coverage – and we just have to say this: Why can’t they pronounce Concord. Our state capital was settled in 1725, and is a lot closer to New York than Qatar. Here is a simple rule, think of Caesar – “I came, I saw, I Concord.” There you go, not so hard, was it?

Now Scott Brown may not know exactly where Sullivan County is, but we tell you this we are on it, it is “Berlun” – not pronounced like the capital of German, and Mylan, not like the capital of fashion. And if anyone calls this New Hampshiire – we will show you the door. We stop for pedestrians, we stop at stop signs, and we really don’t go around saying “wicked” – unless the person you are speaking to moved here for the state to the south. So, here is a test try these place names on for size! Get ‘em all right and will get you a leather apron! Chocorua, Lebanon, Coös, Kancamagus, Pemigewasset, Piscataqua and Plaistow. If you are looking for Worcester – you are out of luck!

And yes - Jeb Bush is related to Franklin Pierce