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Episcopal Priest Honored by United States Senate


Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) honored retired Episcopal Priest Brendan J. “Bren” Whittaker on the floor of the United States Senate for his life-long commitment to environmental and faith issues. An article by New Hampshire State Representative Rebecca Brown, which celebrates The Rev. Whittaker, was read into the Official Senate Record.



This honor included the following tribute: “His calling was to work with the underserved, and he found his parish in the great, unruly life of the North Country, independent and fiercely neighborly. He also found his parish working with the people in conservation…he’s done great service for our land and people.”

The Rev. Whittaker is now retired, having served in the Episcopal Church of NH as rector at St. Mark’s, Groveton, St. Paul’s, Lancaster and the Church of the Epiphany in Lisbon, NH. He is a long-time leader in the role of the Church in environmental projects, embracing stewardship of the earth as a “moral obligation.”

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