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October is National Arts and Humanities Month

October is National Arts and Humanities Month, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the amazing art and culture we have everywhere you look in the Granite State. Americans for the Arts Action Fund is working with New Hampshire art advocates to deliver economic impact data and information about why the arts matter, to every New Hampshire presidential campaign office. See more here: Why the Arts Matter in NH


The purpose of meeting with the campaign staffs of these presidential hopefuls is to encourage them to speak about art in the economy as well as art in education, and ideally to hold campaign events at New Hampshire’s many art and cultural venues. Holding campaign events in opera houses, galleries, theaters, etc. helps to showcase our heritage and culture with attendees and the local and national press. It also creates a natural environment for the candidate to speak to their support for the arts.


Americans for the Arts Action Fund would like to have as much information sharing as possible, so use the hashtags: #ArtsVote2016 and #ShowYourArt, and follow @ArtsActionFund on social media. To learn more about the arts record of each candidate, please visit and email the ArtsVote New Hampshire team at