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There are plenty of obstacles facing the Seacoast's community health dental clinics: lack of funding, patient transportation, a need for outreach and education programs. But clinics say lack of space or long waits to see a dentist aren't among those obstacles. Read more →

Nashua is a great place to start. With 87,000 residents, Nashua is the largest city in the state that does not fluoridate its public water system. Recently, the Nashua Telegraph reported that Manchester spends about $145,000 a year on fluoridation to serve about 160,000 residents, less than $1 a year per person. One cavity, in on the other hand, can cost more than 50 years worth of water fluoridation. Read more →

Since 1985 October has been National Arts and Humanities Month – a time to encourage all Americans to participate in the arts. Here in the Granite State, we are doing our part. We serve as the bi-partisan co-chairs of the commission to study the economic impact of the arts and culture in New Hampshire and to recommend ways in which the state can enhance and expand this sector of our economy as outlined in House Bill 279. Read more →