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Knights Templars are more than a legend - the undiscovered gem of Portugal

Books, Movies and Video Games have made millions of people world wide aware of the legendary Knight Templars. But in Portugal the Knights Templars are more than a legend. For 200 years they were a major force in the Christian reconquest of Muslim Portugal. They and their successors, the Knights of Christ, built scores of castles and churches throughout Portugal. Particularly in the Knights Templar region where they had their headquarters.


Peter Moore, who runs a Tour business in Tomar Portugal, is visiting New York to promote the Knights Templar region. He is accompanied by partner Sylvia Anginotti, author of 'The Knights Templar of Tomar.' They hope to meet New Yorkers who would like to visit the Knights Templar region. Peter Moore said "The Knights Templar region has castle, abbeys, and medieval churches in abundance. It contains the best preserved Knights Templar sites in the world. The world famous Caminho de Santiago pilgrim trail runs through our region. And we have months of warm sunshine, great food and wonderful wine as well. We want to show New Yorkers what we've got and invite them to visit us."

Peter's Anglo Portuguese partnership commissioned a short documentary film from UK based film maker, Rob Speranza. Formerly from Brooklyn Rob has produced 12 award winning short films. He has also been producer and line director on a number of movies including internationally released 'Entity'. Peter hopes to show the documentary film and talk to anyone wanting to know more about the Knights Templar region. 


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