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Donated Conservation Easement: Phelps donated 12-acre property to Five Rivers Conservation Trust

#Donated Conservation Easement

Geraldine Phelps generously donated the conservation easement on her 12-acre property in Webster to Five Rivers Conservation Trust. 

Ms. Phelps’ property contains productive forest, supports a habitat for migrating barn swallows and provides a scenic view from both Route 127 and Pearson Hill Road, gathering enough natural resources criteria to be a protected area, and borders the State-designated Currier and Ives Scenic By-Way

Divided between field and forest, there are a few very old stately oak trees in the mowed area, a small pond and plenty of grassland used by migratory birds for feeding and resting.

The property also abuts conserved land, some of which privately owned property, protected by a conservation easement and other property owned by the Town and also under conservation easement. Much of the area was owned by Phelps’ extended family for many years, including the Mock Forest.

This easement was possible through generous donation of Ms. Phelps, and the strong support of the Webster Conservation Commission.  Five Rivers and the Town are especially pleased to have completed their first project together. The Phelps easement brings to 52 the number of properties protected by conservation easements held by Five Rivers

Five Rivers Conservation Trust, headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting open space across the heartland of central New Hampshire. This beautiful rolling landscape is drained by five waterways that converge in the Concord area - the Merrimack, Contoocook, Blackwater, Warner, and Soucook Rivers. It is a region of picturesque country villages and a delightful mix of fields and forests, farms and wetlands, and other special places. Through conservation easements and other means, Five Rivers is an active land trust to help keep those places intact for future generations.

For more information see their website at, or call Jay Haines at 225-7225. 

Melinda Gehris, Geraldine Phelps, Susan Roman