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New Immigration Policy to Benefit NH Youth

MANCHESTER, NH –The Obama Administration’s new policy allowing previously

undocumented youth to work and live in the United States should have a positive impact

on many young adults in New Hampshire, according to the Granite State’s leading

immigration lawyer. “Allowing young people who had no role in deciding to come to the

U.S. as children, and who’ve otherwise ‘played by the rules’, is a significant step towards

addressing a broken immigration system,” said Ronald L. Abramson, Principal and

Founder of Abramson Immigration+ Solutions of Manchester, NH. “While it would have

been better to see Congress engage directly on this issue, President Obama deserves

credit for finding a way to do the right thing in the face of strong political headwinds,”

Abramson added.

Nationally, about 800,000 young people may benefit from the new policy. The precise

number in the Granite State is unknown, but recent estimates put the undocumented

population as a whole in New Hampshire at about 15,000.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano called the new policy

“immunity”, as opposed to “amnesty”, because it is temporary and does not provide a

path towards residency citizenship. To benefit, a person must have come to the United

States before age 16, currently be under age 30, have no criminal record, and have

attended school or served in the military.

“This is far from a solution to our nation’s immigration woes,” said Abramson. “But, for

hundreds of thousands of young people struggling to keep their heads above water, the

administration has thrown them a life-preserver.”


About Ronald L. Abramson

: Attorney Ron Abramson is the Founder and Principal of

Abramson Immigration+ Solutions, a full-service immigration law firm which handles

small business, family, individual and other immigration matters. Abramson is an active

member of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association, and has been a law

professor and Fulbright Scholar. Abramson was recently named NH’s Top Immigration

Lawyer by Business NH Magazine. He regularly speaks, writes and teaches about

immigration law and policy.