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As the Holiday Vacation Approaches, Three New England Mountains Promise Snow, Snow and more Snow for kids to learn to Ski/Ride on


This time of year, ski resorts often focus solely on making snow for their advanced level of terrain. But in addition to heavy snowmaking on advanced trails, three partnered mountains are bringing a lot more to the table this week. With the Holiday vacation week fast approaching, Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Western Massachusetts, Bromley Mountain in Southern Vermont and Cranmore Mountain in New Hampshire’s White Mountains have blanketed their learning and beginner trails with snow. Why? Because of their commitment to the new KidsRule Mountain Camps.


Cold weather and extensive snow making has allowed beginner trails to open at all three ski areas, which provides the best learning experience for kids enrolled in the KidsRule Mountain Camps (and piece of mind for parents).


The three resorts’ CEO, Brian Fairbank said, “With the challenging start to the snow season, the large state-of-the-art snow making investments that all three mountains have made is now paying off. With cold weather in place in the region, all three are pumping out massive amounts of snow.”


Being sure there is good snow to learn on is just the beginning. The KidsRule camps also take a new approach to ski and snowboard education - one based on safety, learning life long techniques and helping each child learn at their own pace. This emphasis will allow the new KidsRule Mountain Camps to take center-stage for the upcoming vacation week.


All three resorts enter this season pooling their resources to offer the comprehensive KidsRule children’s snowsports program that builds on fun and the rapid development of skills for kids age 3 to 14. And, many facilities and lifts have been upgraded at each resort for the program.  Combine this with aggressive snowmaking over the last few weeks and the Kids Rule program has “come to life” at all three resorts.


“We have snow on all of our beginner trails because of our commitment to KidsRule,” said Fairbank. “Snow is a priority at KidsRule Mountains, and we want to assure everyone that we’re ready to make any holiday ski trip memorable.”


The new Bromley Snowsports School Director, Burleigh Sunflower said that the snow is just part of the approach, “The dedicated learning centers at all three resorts have been designed with families in mind. From ease of registration, to a ‘one-stop’ approach to the rental process, we’ve built-in convenience as part of the program.”


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