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North Country Health Consortium celebrates 10 years; hires Molar Express full-time dentist

WHITEFIELD-- The North Country Health Consortium celebrated its 10th anniversary with a reception on December 18 at its main office in Whitefield, NH. The North Country Health Consortium was founded in 1998 to foster collaboration among health and human service providers serving northern New Hampshire.

The reception brought together Consortium and community members to celebrate a decade of accomplishment as well as to welcome new staff.

This anniversary marks the hiring of Dr. Jeremy Draper as the first full-time dentist for the Molar Express. Formerly, Dr. Draper served as a general dentist for the United States Army at Fort Riley, Kansas and at Camp Bucca, Iraq. He received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Alyssa Scott has also been hired as the Molar Express Clinic Manager. She was formerly a children’s case manager for Northern Human Services in Groveton, NH and currently serves as deputy tax collector for the town of Stratford, NH

“We are excited to celebrate 10 years of accomplishments in improving the health status of the North Country and look forward to many more. This anniversary holds significant importance as Dr. Jeremy Draper joins the Molar Express,” says Martha McLeod, executive director. “With the expansion of our staff we are in a better position to help those in need of oral health services,” she added.

The Molar Express is a full-service dental clinic designed to serve North Country residents who are otherwise unable to see a dentist. The Molar Express is part of an oral health access initiative launched by the members of the North Country Health Consortium. A dentist, a registered dental hygienist, and a dental assistant provide diagnostic and preventive care, treatment, and minor oral surgery. In addition to its mobile dental health clinic, the Molar Express initiative seeks to increase awareness and promote collaboration between health and human service providers to address oral health concerns.

The Consortium’s member organizations work to build community-based disease prevention and health promotion activities, improve regional health care, offer health professional training, and encourage sustainability of the health care infrastructure. They also coordinate responses to health care financing challenges that are sensitive to maintaining the stability of rural communities and rural economies.

The North Country Health Consortium is a nonprofit organization dedicated to leading collaborative strategies to improve the health status of the region. For more information visit

Contact: Jayme Simoes, 603/224-5566,

Debra Simmons, 603/444-4461