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Nominations are now available for the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance’s Seven to Save. The program focuses attention and resources on significant historic properties in New Hampshire that are threatened by neglect, deterioration, insufficient funds, inappropriate development, and/or insensitive public policy. Nominations are due Friday September 11th, 2020, and the announcement will be in October, 2020. Read more →

A new study out today from the Kaiser Family Foundation determined that 27 million Americans have likely lost their health care since the start of the coronavirus crisis. That number, on top of millions of Americans already uninsured creates a dangerous situation for the country reeling from a global pandemic. Kaiser concluded that more than 20 million of those newly-uninsured individuals are eligible for coverage under the ACA or Medicaid. But if the Trump-Republican lawsuit currently before the Supreme Court to overturn the ACA is successful, those 20 million uninsured will no longer have access to ACA subsidies or coverage under Medicaid expansion. Read more →

The N.H. Preservation Alliance invites owners and enthusiasts of old homes or barns as well as leaders of community preservation projects to participate in their new virtual roundtable gatherings. The May schedule can be found at Read more →

Protect Our Care Releases New Memo Highlighting Impact on Granite Staters if ACA is Ripped Away as Democrats File Opening Briefs to the the Supreme Court on Wednesday Read more →

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance has awarded grants to thirteen historic preservation projects throughout the state, amounting to $100,000 in new investment to save important community landmarks. Jennifer Goodman, executive director of the Preservation Alliance, said “We are so pleased to be able to make these grants to worthy projects in many regions of the state. Our members and friends are telling us that these special places offer feelings of comfort and stability in these uncertain times. These investments also support jobs and help local economies.”  These grants are made possible by an award to the N.H. Preservation Alliance from The 1772 Foundation. Many were previously named to the Alliance’s Seven to Savelist, and have also received support from the New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP).  Read more →

Although the COVID-19 crisis is unlike anything we’ve seen before, we remain confident that our country will come through this situation stronger than ever. Mount Washington Cruises has always held the safety of our passengers and crew as our top priority. We recognize that in the short term, changes are needed to keep everyone safe. Read more →

To support the Discovery Center in its efforts to serve the community with online learning modules, people can go to to donate or become a member. New members will still enjoy an entire year of fun, as all memberships purchased during this time will not expire until one year from the date the Discovery Center officially reopens to the public. Read more →

Submissions are welcome for the 2020 Brodsky Prize, established by a former editor of the Manchester Central High School newspaper, and his family, to encourage out-of-the-box efforts and innovation by a new generation of student journalists. Read more →