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Care Force One to Travel to 21+ States, Including New Hampshire, Make More than 40 Stops and Cover Nearly 12,000 Miles in Five Weeks Starting in October Read more →

Last call for nominations to the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance’s Seven to Save. The program focuses attention and resources on significant historic properties in New Hampshire that are under-used or threatened by neglect, insufficient funds, or unsympathetic development. Deadline for nominations is Friday September 9th at 12PM. The announcement will be made in October.  Read more →

Today marks the five-year anniversary of Senator John McCain giving the final “thumbs-down” vote to block President Trump and Republicans’ top legislative priority: repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Protect Our Care fought alongside advocates, activists, and health care champions in Congress to crush the GOP’s repeal effects, and continue to fight today to preserve the ACA. Read more →

NH Civics and NHPR will conclude its series of candid community conversations on citizenship in Berlin on May 17th, from 6-7 PM at the Berlin City Hall. These civics programs have been held around New Hampshire this spring with a diverse panel of guest speakers hosted by Laura Knoy.  Read more →

The Bristol TD Bank Branch will host a webinar this month for small business owners looking to increase their profits. Open to all small businesses in the Newfound Lake Region, this latest installment in an TD Bank’s ongoing series will discuss how to increase sales, focus on the most important customers, and provide tools for increasing margins and focusing on profitability. Read more →

New Hampshire has a new resource to get small business owners the business advising and technical assistance they need–for free. New Hampshire’s Community Navigator Program has launched the website to make it easier for entrepreneurs and business owners from traditionally underserved communities to access key business resources, such as business counseling, marketing, and access to capital. Read more →