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Long Story Short storytelling series at 3S Artspace to air on NHPR in 2022 

PORTSMOUTH, N.H., Long Story Short, a bare-bones storytelling series presented at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH will be formatted for special radio programs on New Hampshire Public Radio in 2022. 

Since 2015, creator of Long Story Short, Beth LaMontagne Hall has hosted this quarterly signature event from the 3S stage. Long Story Short throws a mix of professional writers, performers, and brave souls with no storytelling experience on stage with simply a microphone and a spotlight to tell a personal story based on that show’s theme. 

For the next live event at 3S Artspace on March 9, the theme is “Out There” where stories journey to a far-off place, a strange encounter with an eccentric person, and maybe even an adventure with new people. 

Later in March, NHPR will air a broadcast version of the event as part of its “NHPR Presents” series, which aims to work with arts and culture nonprofit organizations across the state to bring similar community events to the air. Long Story Short: Out There will air Friday, March 25 at 9pm, and again Saturday, March 26 at 4pm on NHPR. 

Known for its warm audiences, LSS has embraced many first-time storytellers, creating an environment where all feel supported and welcomed to share their stories. 

“It’s a place where people share their funniest moments, their most crushing heartbreak, and their deepest human emotions—all with complete strangers,” said Beth LaMontagne Hall. 

The show also keeps the audience on its toes with one open mic slot at each event: a brave volunteer from the audience is selected at random to take the stage at a moment’s notice to open the second half after intermission— not even the host knows what’s going to happen. 

“After years of seeing people come up on stage with no notice and, more often than not, tell an amazing story off the cuff, I’ve come to realize there are countless compelling stories out there just waiting to be told,” said LaMontagne Hall.

The live events at 3S Artspace are recorded, and in addition to being translated into the Long Story Short Podcast, the NHPR collaboration will bring the program to its listener base. 

“We’re thrilled to begin collaborating with NHPR in this way. The potential to build a larger audience…and maybe even the storytellers roster for LSS is an amazing opportunity,” said Sara O’Reilly, Marketing Manager at 3S Artspace. “I love the idea of stories from the New Hampshire Seacoast reaching places across the state that they would otherwise never touch and vice-versa through this endeavor. We’re all about expanding connections and the boundaries of what we call our community.” 


Michael Brindley, Program Director at NHPR said, “Presenting this local storytelling event to NHPR’s listeners is an exciting opportunity, and aligns with our mission of amplifying the diverse voices of our community. Long Story Short has done incredible work since launching in 2015, and I’m glad we can bring these events to a new audience and hopefully encourage more people to step up to the mic and share their stories.” 

The first air date for Long Story Short on NHPR is Friday, March 25, 2022 at 9pm with a re-airing on Saturday, March 26 at 4pm. The broadcast version of the event will also be available at NHPR.org. 

The remaining Long Story Short air dates on NHPR will fall within a few weeks of the live Long Story Short events at 3S Artspace. These live and in-person which fall on Wednesdays in 2022: March 9, June 8, September 14, and December 14. 

Long Story Short - live storytelling events at 3S Artspace 

2022 season show themes: 

● March 9 - Out There 

● June 8 - Truth or Consequences 

● September 14 - NSFW (Not Safe For Work) 

● December 14 - Growing Pains 

Tickets: www.3sarts.org 

More info: https://longstoryshortpod.com/ 

Become a storyteller at a Long Story Short event: fill out this form 

Facebook: @LSSat3S / Instagram: @longstoryshort3s 

About the Long Story Short Podcast 

New episodes of the LSS Podcast are available every two weeks on your favorite podcast app. More information: longstoryshortpod.com.

About 3S Artspace 

Curiosity. Creativity. Community. 

Through the unique lens of contemporary arts experiences, 3S Artspace invites divergent perspectives and encourages lively discourse centered around issues of today. 

3S Artspace 

319 Vaughan St. 

Portsmouth, NH 03801 


Facebook & Instagram: @3sartspace 

About New Hampshire Public Radio 

NHPR is New Hampshire’s only statewide radio news service and is broadcast from 14 different sites. NHPR’s award-winning team delivers local news, programs, and podcasts including The Folk Show, Outside/In, and Civics 101. NHPR is the exclusive outlet for NPR News in the Granite State and broadcasts national weekly programs such as The Moth Radio Hour, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! and This American Life. 



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