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Granite Staters React to the U.S. House Passing Build Back Better Act, Urge the Senate to Act Immediately 


[Concord, NH] — Following House passage of the Build Back Better Act, advocates in New Hampshire are available to talk about the economic and health provisions that will improve the lives of Granite Staters, while urging the Senate to pass the legislation immediately. 


Among the key provisions in the Build Back Better Act:


  • $150 billion to expand access to Home and Community-Based Services: higher wages for home- and community-based workers so working families can continue their careers as their loved ones who are elderly or disabled receive quality care at home.  
  • Continuation of the expanded Child Tax Credit: This will reduce child poverty nearly in half, with lower- and middle-income families made permanently eligible to receive $300/month per child under six years of age or $250/month per older child.  
  • Lowers the cost of prescription drugs by giving Medicare the power to negotiate prices for select drugs purchased at the pharmacy counter and administered at a doctor’s office. Beginning in 2025, 10 drugs, in addition to insulin, will be negotiated with that number increasing to 15 drugs in 2026, and 20 drugs in 2028 and into the future. By 2030, more than 100 drugs will be eligible for Medicare price negotiation, in addition to insulin products. 


Advocates from across the state are available to share their experiences to highlight how these different provisions would improve their lives in New Hampshire.


Home and Community-Based Services 


“I’m a nurse supervisor, but I often leave work abruptly to care for my daughter with dementia. I can’t find any home care workers available full time. Myself and other working mothers desperately need Congress to invest in the underfunded and understaffed home care industry.” - Jamie Villers, Concord, NH


“People say that raising a child takes a village. Well, my daughter Mya needs a village, but we can’t find one. I have been trying to arrange home care for her for years, but there is no sign that she will receive care any time soon.” - Sherry Pratt, Concord, NH


Child Tax Credit


“My daughter Katie has Down syndrome and has some medical equipment needs that are not covered by our Medicaid. The CTC gave us the extra funds to pay for that equipment. It’s also really helped my emotional and mental well being. Being a single mom and being a mother to a child with special needs, I often feel very economically vulnerable.” - Carrie Duran, Wolfeboro, NH


“With the Child Tax Credit payments, I’m starting to save up to buy a vehicle. This will help me to get to work as well. The Build Back Better act will extend the CTC into 2022 and help families like mine. We are counting on Congress to pass this.” - David Murray, Tuftonboro, NH


“When we got our first $300 child tax credit, I asked my kids to come to the store and pick out any food they wanted. My 4 year old chose chicken nuggets, which are a staple in my household. But my 10 year old chose asparagus and corn on the cob. I didn’t even know kids liked asparagus! So we were able to use the money to buy some fresh vegetables.” - Christina Darling, Nashua, NH







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