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If there’s one thing every business wants, it’s extra customers. Whatever methods you decide to use to promote your business, you want to be sure they are effective, bringing in plenty of customers and extra money. Often, marketers look to sell you products to promote your business far and wide, but sometimes the best thing to do is advertise locally. Read more →

The McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center will host its monthly online Super Stellar Friday series as NASA Solar System Ambassador and Educator Fellow Sally Jensen talks about the Hubble Space Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope missions on Friday, September 3rd at 7 pm. For the past 30 years the Hubble Space Telescope has given us an incredible view of the universe to study and explore. Sally will guide viewers from the origins of placing a telescope in orbit around the Earth, through the technical issues over the years, and the amazing findings that this scope has given us. Hubble’s successor, the James Webb Telescope, which will soon be launched, will carry on this study of our universe. Read more →

“Senator Maggie Hassan and Senate Democrats have responded with bold action necessary to meet this moment,” said Protect Our Care New Hampshire State Director Jayme Simoes. Read more →

The M/S Mount Washington is one of the five properties that the State Historical Resources Council has added to the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places. The current Mount has served New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee since 1940. In addition to its history within the tourism industry, it continues to be integral to the tradition of determining "ice out" on the lake, which is officially determined when the ship can travel to all five of its ports of call.  Today’s Mount is last in a line of vessels that provided water transportation between the major communities surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee. Read more →