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Third Annual Brodsky Prize Hopes to Encourage Innovation in Student Journalism: $5,000 award now available statewide


Submissions are welcome for the 2020 Brodsky Prize, established by a former editor of the Manchester Central High School newspaper, and his family, to encourage out-of-the-box efforts and innovation by a new generation of student journalists.


“Working on the school newspaper was the most formative and meaningful high school experience for me — more than any classroom," Jeffrey Brodsky said. "It's more important than ever for young journalists to push boundaries and to challenge authority, and they can start by using the power of their school paper just like the press in the real world." 


For the first time this year, the $5,000 Brodsky Prize is open to all New Hampshire high school seniors, attending public, charter or parochial schools.


Judging criteria include a student's journalistic initiative and enterprise, as well as what Brodsky calls "a contrarian nature and out-of-the-box thinking." 



Interested students should submit examples of their work that are illustrative of the prize criteria, along with a 600-word essay on how they would use the award to further their journalistic studies or efforts. The Nackey S. Loeb of Communications administers The Brodsky Prize.


Entries should be emailed to: The deadline is May 8, 2020.


More information on The Brodsky Prize is available at



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