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ACA at 10 Days of Action:  Protections For Pre-Existing Conditions

New Hampshire Health Care Leaders Join Protect Our Care NH to Mark the 10-Year Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Concord, NH – Today, Protect Our Care NH was joined by a physician and health care advocates on a press call to mark the passage of the Affordable Care Act 10 years ago, discuss how the law improved access to health care for all New Hampshire residents, and talk about the role the ACA plays in ongoing coronavirus response efforts despite Republicans’ continued efforts to eliminate the law.


Listen to the call recording here.


The press call was one of several across the country to highlight the anniversary and renew calls for Donald Trump and Republicans to stop sabotaging the ACA – most recently with their disastrous Texas v. United States lawsuit, which will be heard by the Supreme Court later this year. 


Speakers also emphasized that Republicans should abandon the lawsuit in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic because no one should have to worry about if they’ll have access to care—especially during a crisis like this. 


Zandra Rice Hawkins, of Granite State Progress, said: “No one should ever wonder if they have access to care.  We need to work to insure that every American has access to affordable healthcare across the nation. Since the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010 some 20 million people have gotten comprehensive care, and another 130 million with preexisting conditions have gotten coverage.”


Kayla Montgomery, of Planned Parenthood Northern New England, said: “In the 10 years since its passage, the ACA has expanded access to reproductive care to millions. Through the ACA millions have received access to birth control, STD screenings and  life saving preventive screenings such as breast cancer screenings and pap tests.”


Dr. Randy Hayes, of Kent Street Coalition, said: “America is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee all its citizens access to healthcare coverage. The ACA has taken us a long way forward. It would be irrational to continue the lawsuit, and put at risk millions of Americans, especially during this time of pandemic.”


Heather Stockwell, of Rights and Democracy, reminded: “Health care access is the top concern for Granite Staters, as over 85% of NH residents we polled said they are concerned about the cost of healthcare.”


Jayme H. Simões, of Protect Our Care NH, said: “The ACA guarantees everybody testing at no charge at a time when we need to get tested to understand the scope of the COVID 19 pandemic. And it gives working families peace of mind about care in a scary time. And, as thousands of Granite Staters are losing their jobs and their health insurance, it allows anyone who is out of a job to go online and shop for an affordable, comprehensive health care plan. The ACA is the front line on the battle to contain Covid 19. And, when a vaccine is discovered, it will be the key to getting an estimated 140 million people vaccinated to knock the disease down.”









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