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Manchester, N.H. – Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., was awarded  the 2017 Manufacturing and Technology Business of the Year by New Hampshire Business Magazine today, the state’s most prestigious business award. 

The award highlights the efforts Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., has made in recent years to innovate, increase efficiency, and invest in the development of its employees as well as the manufacturing workforce across the state.

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“It’s a great honor to receive recognition for the work Hitchiner has been doing to deliver a high-quality product, as well as move the company into the future,” said John Morison, Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. President. “Credit is certainly due to the many people at Hitchiner who create our specialized products every day and continually look for ways to improve our operation.”

New Hampshire Business Magazine’s Business of the Year Awards is an annual recognition of the top companies in various business sectors across the state, which takes into account aspects such as innovation, business growth, leadership in the business community, and community involvement. As the company has grown, Hitchiner has made great strides in increasing efficiency, lowering emissions, adopting clean energy and manufacturing processes, and maintaining a high-quality product. Hitchiner has also focused heavily on workforce development and community involvement since its founding. The company has invested in training to keep workers up-to-date, as well as education and scholarships to provide skills to the next generation serving in these meaningful manufacturing jobs. Hitchiner is deeply invested in education and fostering wellbeing through programs like scholarship to local students, a free health care clinic to workers and their families, and donations to the Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley, to name a few of their efforts.

Hitchiner has also done work in developing the state’s workforce, both through investing in STEM programs and initiative, but also through partnerships with schools and other business sectors. Hitchiner is a member of the New Hampshire Manufacturing Sector Partnership (RCAM) since 2013, and in 2016, the company hosted the launch of the New Hampshire Manufacturing Sector Partnership Initiative (NH SPI), which helps businesses in the manufacturing, hospitality, health care and information technology sectors assist workers with career advancement.



About Hitchiner

For more than 70 years, Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., has been one of the state’s leading manufacturers, using a unique investment casting process which allows the company to deliver quality metal products used in high-end automobile engines, aircraft engines, and U.S. defense equipment. Headquartered in Milford, it is the third-highest grossing family-owned company in the state, with more than $200 million in annual sales and 1,700 employees.