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Concord, NH -- Local Baskit, the first meal-kit company to offer cook-at-home meal kits exclusively for New Hampshire customers with a focus on NH grown produce and meats, is tapping into a national trend.  The meal kit business has taken the food industry growing to a $1.5 billion dollar market in just a few years. But, New Hampshire farms and food artisans were not connected to the national trend.  Beth Richards of Concord saw an opportunity. She researched the business concept for more than a year resulting in the launch of Local Baskit a few months ago. The response has exceeded Beth’s expectations, and she has plans to expand.

“The response has been very positive and the customer base has doubled in the first two months and is growing each week,” Richards said. “Customers rave about the recipes and the freshness of the ingredients.”  

Working closely with farms and vendors such as the Vegetable Ranch in Warner, Moulton Farms in Meredith, and Fox’s Country Smokehouse in Canterbury, Richards picks up local produce and meat orders early in the morning and delivers to specialty food packers in Meredith who assemble the kits mid-day. From there, some orders ship to customers for next-day home delivery and Richards delivers others to subscribers picking up at various New Hampshire farm markets in the afternoons.

“There are so many great options to choose from each week that we always have a hard time deciding,” shared Erika Swigert of Manchester, “All of the ingredients are fresh and the recipes are delicious, plus it is super convenient.”

Local Baskit kits feature compostable containers from Good Start Packaging in Nashua and are assembled at a food production and commercial kitchen facility in Meredith, Genuine Local.

"Until now there really hasn't been a way for local farmers to participate in the meal-kit trend," says Larry Pletcher of Vegetable Ranch, an organic farm in Warner. "Beth has developed this great business model so farmers in New Hampshire can participate in a big way. We are encouraged that more people can now support local farmers and growers.  We look forward to working with Local Baskit year-round and have started talking about new vegetable varieties we can grow to include in Beth’s kits."

Richards put it this way: “I fell in love with the meal kit concept because it was convenient and provided a healthy variety to our family mealtime.  But each kit was delivered in big shipments that took two to three days to get to me, and they used a great deal of packaging that I couldn’t always recycle. I kept thinking there has got to be a way to source from New Hampshire’s local farms so it is truly fresh and local as well as to reduce the packaging and offer a way to recycle kit materials more easily with a lower environmental impact.”   

After a career in nonprofits and public health advocacy, Richards wanted to put her project management and marketing skills to work alongside her love of cooking and keen recipe finding skills.  “My cooking magazine collection is a little over the top,” Richards admits. “Cooking has long been a passion of mine as has healthy food access and local sustainability. Local Baskit is feel-good food in that the meals are tasty for families, but they’re also supporting and sustaining New Hampshire farmers, growers, and suppliers who provide us such great quality right here in our home state.”


About Local Baskit:

Local Baskit is a NH-based meal kit service partnering with farms and food artisans in the “603” to bring customers recipes and ingredients to make great meals. Local Baskit is a venture of Richards Family Enterprises LLC of Concord NH and launched in July 2016. Local Baskit operates year-round and is expanding partnerships with new farms, chefs and food artisans. Customers can choose a Baskit style that best fits their lifestyle and culinary interest two- or four-person Baskits, and two, three, or four meal nights per week through a flexible, no-commitment subscription plan. Pick-up is available at designated NH farmers’ markets, or customers can choose overnight home delivery.  Contact Beth Richards at 603-270-9220 for more information and visit